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This Cool Boost Stage II Boost Based Water-Methanol Injection Pump Controller allows the driver to control the fluid delivery progressively throughout a desired range of boost.

The controller features the latest firmware and features allowing for the most responsive and featureful system in the world.


Features of the controller are:

Injection based on Boost/ Throttle/ MAF Flow Rate/ MAP Boost Pressure and RPM

Delivery: Progressive (with Pre and Post Pressurization)

Electrically Fail Safe with Circuit Monitoring

Optional System Pressure Monitoring (Detection of Low Pressures)

Blocked Nozzle Detection

Fluid Level Monitoring

Dual staged delivery

User Configurable Menu

Boost Safe or Status LED Output

Pre and Post Pressurization Technology (prevention of injection latency)

Intelligent Priming Mode with auto shut off

Quick Install 5 Meter wiring harness (only requires connections to end components)

Wiring Harness


Contents of this Product:

1x Stage 2 Boost/TPS Progressive Injection Pump Controller

1x 5 Meter Easy install Wiring Harness with integrated Relay & Fuse

1x 3 Meters of Vacuum Tubing

1x Vacuum 4mm T-piece

1x Vacuum Pipe Adapter (3mm - 4mm)

2x Silicone Joiner Pipe lengths

1 x Vacuum Inline Air Filter

1 x Vacuum Barb Fitting

1x 12VDC 40A Relay

1x Instruction Manual downloadable online

1x Wiring Schematic downloadable online

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