Plasti Dip Car UK – BMW in Blue plasti dip

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Professional car wrapping using Plasti Dip in UK


Wrench Studios offers professional Plasti dip services in the UK. We can professionally plasti dip your car into any colour your want at a very low price. Wrench Studios are experience liquid car wrapping professionals that provide a strong, texture free and smooth finish to your plastic dipped vehicle.

Check out this black BMW convertible that we plasti dipped and let us know what you think! Customer wanted blue plasti dipped body with black plasti dipped wheels


wrench studios - blue plasti dip BMW


Plasti dip car UK - BMW












blue plasti dip BMW


blue plasti dip BMW



For more information please contact Wrench Studios today!


Buy Plasti dip (Liquid wrapping spray) in the UK

You can buy plasti dip in the UK from Wrench Studios! We can also offer professional advice and tips to help you on your way to plasti dip your own car. So hurry and buy your plasti dip in UK in any colour from Wrench studios.

The plasti dip product is ready to start spraying on your car/motorcyle/wheels. Liquid car wrapping spray has many advantages over Vinyl wrapping and gives a smooth, texture free coating! 


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  1. Mariola Juszczyk  September 23, 2014

    Hi . How much for dip my car mazda 6 in white and how long this take thanks

    • Wrench Studios  September 25, 2014

      Prices vary depending on what unique colour combination you get out of our wide range of plasti dipping options.

      Please email us at for prices


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