Are you looking for high quality vehicle wrapping services for your car an at price?

We offer a full range of wraps that will make your car stand out

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Make Your Car Stand Out

Give your car a stand out new look, performance upgrades and an overall professional finish that turns heads for the right reasons. Call us now to find out how we can help you customise your car

High Quality

Wrench Studios also provides professional Car Wrapping services to clients throughout the London area. We have many years of experience with wrapping cars and also with commercial clients, branding their vehicles.


Affordable Prices

Wrench Studios offers expert car wrapping services to both individuals and businesses, with options to suit any budget for everyone. We have highly skilled staff helping clients to save time and money. Our clients often use our services to give the car a stand out new look and with that an overall professional finish that turns heads for the right reasons.

Affordable Prices

When you get a quote for car vehicle wrapping it’s easy to compare the price. However the lowest price isn’t always the best deal. Paying the highest price isn’t the guarantee of the best job either. That’s why Wrench Studios is the best choice. 

We are offering you high quality job at competitive prices. You get great value for your money. 

Friendly, Experienced & Knowledgeable Staff

Friendly staff that will look after your needs and advice on anything and everything car related!